Carbon 60 Olive Oil – Buckminsterfullerene



Buckminsterfullerene, more commonly known at Carbon 60, is a spherical fullerene molecule with the chemical formula C60. It burst onto the international longevity scene in 2012 after a study named “The Prolongation of the Lifespan of Rats by Repeated Oral Administration of [60] Fullerene” was published in the journal Biomaterials. The study stated that feeding rats carbon 60 dissolved in olive oil “can increase (lifespan) by up to 90%,” and concluded that “Carbon 60 should (sic) be the most efficient ever material for extending lifespan.”

The amazing results of this study and it’s extrapolation into the human population has led bold, longevity-seeking adventurers to begin taking the material and reporting their results. Reported effects include the following:

  • Increased energy and ‘drive’.
  • Sleeping less and yet feeling more rested (I have personally experienced this as well).
  • An enhanced sense of well being, including a sharper mind, better mental focus, greater calm, and a healthier relationship to stress.
  • Increased strength gains, both in maximum weight lifted and increased repetitions. This is commonly reported.
  • Improved endurance and stamina (especially in running), followed by reduced fatigue.
  • Increased libido. This has also been reported in animal trials, at a the extremely low dose of 4 micrograms/kg, which is 1/5 the normally consumed dose for adult humans.
  • Greater resistance to, and swifter recovery from, sunburn (this has been reported more commonly as a result of  topical application).

The seeming non-toxicity of C60 dissolved in olive oil, as well as personal experimentation by yours truly, has led Future Alchemy to decide to offer this ground breaking product to our clients and friends.

Solubility of C60 in olive oil depends on various factors including temperature and oil viscosity. Our C60/Olive oil blend has a concentration of .85mg/ml. This is slightly higher than that used in the above-mentioned study.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The long-term effects of Carbon 60 on mammals have not been determined. The effects of this material on humans have not even been studied. According to many experts, the toxicity of this molecule when dissolved in olive oil is close to zero, and it could hold the key to true longevity. However, Future Alchemy makes no claims for this material and takes no responsibility for its effects. That said, I, Joseph Wagner, intrepid alchemist that I am, am currently taking it and find it quite interesting. Keep this molecule’s unproven effects in mind if you are tempted to try it.

Ingredients: 99.95% pure Carbon 60 and pure olive oil. After extensive experimentation we have decided to use a blend of first and second press olive oils as solubility is as much as 10% higher than with 100% extra virgin olive oil.

Ideas about dosage: If one extrapolates from the study referenced above, the average human should take about 1.5ml of the olive oil per day. Some people have reported more energy after taking it, so we advise you to take it in the morning, preferably with some kind of fat-containing food, as this will help with absorption.

Each bottle contains 60ml of Carbon 60 Olive Oil.



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There were a few small corrections later made to the above studies. Those changes can be accessed here: