High Mountain Taiwanese Oolong Tea



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Of all the types of alchemy available to us, the ones that we here at Future Alchemy engage in most frequently are the internal alchemy of meditation and the external alchemy of tea. Living in Taiwan in the early 1990s, I was exposed to Chinese tea culture at its most developed, and adopted tea as a life-long ally. The world’s most popular beverage, tea offers a unique and unbeatable combination of benefits: its health and vitality enhancing properties are well known, and its antioxidant, digestive and cancer-prevention aspects continue to be studied. On an inner level, the art of Chinese tea appreciation can become a spiritual practice in and of itself, one which amplifies the relaxed, open state of mind associated with insight and meditative accomplishment.

In general, Taiwanese oolong teas are considered the finest semi-oxidized teas in the world. Our teas are artisan-family produced, hand-picked, small batch commodities, whose production is overseen by trained tea masters who personally inspect, dry, fire and approve each batch of tea. The geography of Taiwan is perfect for tea growing: the gardens are far up in the cool mountains with a misty, damp environment that enhances slow growth and develops deep fragrances and flavors.

These teas are harvested at high altitude – some as high as 4000 meters, and concentrate the spirit of the mountains in every pot and sip.