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Welcome to Future Alchemy, your source for esoteric and alchemical formulas, blessed objects, and empowered art from around the world. Our diverse, international contact base and deep interest and research into the areas of alchemy, Indian Ayurveda, Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist medicine, Taoism and esoteric Burmese Weiksa Shamanism has enabled us to bring together a collection of truly unique materials.

“Enter a living history where the body itself is the alchemical labratory.”

To connect with Future Alchemy is to enter a living history where the body itself is the alchemical laboratory, with full illumination of the mind, complete detoxification and healing of the body, increase of prana/rLung/qi flow, and total spiritual realization the goals. At its most fundamental, the practice of alchemy is the art of transmutation. Lead into gold; filthy into pure; corruptible into perfect; ordinary, absurd, wasteful life into The Path, and confused, emotional mind into the essence of wisdom.

Join us at Future Alchemy as we engage in the Great Work.

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Chinese alchemy is a part of the larger tradition of Taoism. It centers on a tradition of body-spirit cultivation that developed through the understanding of medicine and the body in China.


Alchemy in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan is mostly based in the esoteric form of Buddhism known as Vajrayana, or the ‘Indestructible Vehicle’.


Indian alchemy is focused on finding Moksha: perfection, immortality, liberation. As such it focuses on transmutation of the human body from mortal to immortal.


The alchemical tradition of Burma, known as eggiyat, or the “work with fire”, draws it’s inspiration and techniques from both Indian and Chinese alchemy.


Here you will find traditional alchemical formulas as well as the cutting edge of Western research into the very edge of science – where the physical, mental and spiritual merge.

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