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Stone beads are one of the world’s oldest art forms. Carnelian, jade, agate, turquoise and other stones have been worked and worn by humans for thousands of years. Bead culture reaches back to the dawn of Indian civilization, when “Greater India” comprised what is now India, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet and Afghanistan.

Today the most famous stone beads are eyed dZi, the banded agates popular with Tibetans and Vajrayana practitioners around the world. A surge of interest led by the Chinese has in recent years forced the price of old dZi to skyrocket, and an extremely rare 11-eyed dZi recently sold at auction in Hong Kong for more than $700,000 US dollars. Ancient beads are not only beautiful objects of art, they carry a special feeling tone which enables the owner to enter the timeless history of the human race. These beads were made during simpler times, when life followed a pattern of the seasons and the human mind was far less cluttered. The power to give the wearer a sense of the timeless present is what makes these beads alchemical, and what has encouraged us here at Future Alchemy to add them to our offerings.

Most of the beads you will find here on our site are not the famous eyed dZi agates of Tibetan lore. These are simply too expensive for the average collector. Instead, we are focusing on Chung dZi (Tibetan for “lesser dZi), both natural and etched, which can still be found by the discerning collector at reasonable – though increasing – prices. When possible, we will offer truly ancient beads – from 500 to 2000 years old.

In addition, when a new bead catches our eye we are happy to make those available as well. These beads are not only beautiful and powerful, but presently a good investment as well. Sources for old beads are becoming more and more scarce, and some modern beads are very beautiful. In fact, the only difference between old and new beads is the energy and time put into them by their owners, so it seems fitting that wearing a carefully created new bead can be equally as auspicious and beneficial as wearing an old bead. As a result, we will offer modern beads as well. Each of these beads is one of a kind, and if kept carefully and handed down to an interested family member or friend, could give many generations of enjoyment. Wearing a bead is a way of connecting to the primordial; the deep past of the human family. We hope you find one you can love and cherish.

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