Contents of Wishfulfilling Relic Collection

1. From the His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche’s Box of Sacred Objects -­391 items
2. Dzogchen Polo Rinpoche’s Box of Sacred Objects – 41 items
3. Emanation of Vilamamitra, His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche’s Box of Sacred Objects ­‐271
4. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche’s box of sacred objects -­‐37 items
5. Meme Lama Sonam Zangpo’s box of sacred objects – 26 items
6. Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche’s box of sacred objects – 47 items
7. Bero Khyentse Rinpoche’s box of sacred objects – 63 items
8. Lama Pema Longdel Rinpoche’s box of sacred objects – 68 items
9. Jadrel Sangay Dorji Rinpoche box of sacred objects -­‐36 items
10. Lam Kunzang Wangdi’s – 22 items
11. Dasho Phuntso Wangdi’s -­‐123 items
12. Dasha Singkhar lama – 13 items

1. Trulku Thinley Norbu
2. Mingling Thrichen Rinpoche
3. Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche
4. Drukpa Thanchen Khenpa Rinpoche
5. Druk Thugse Rinpoche
6. Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche
7. Five types of Mendrub (medicinal pellets) and yeast (phabta) of sacred substances of Bero
Rinpoche and others. Total 164 items

Relics obtained from Guru Rinpoche in flesh, Dudjom Rinpoche’s box of sacred objects
1. Collection of religious relics
2. Collections of mustard-­‐like relics
3. Collection of the relics of holy body
4. Collection of relics of robes
5. Collection of the pills of holy flesh
6. Sacred substances of seven-­‐birth pills
7. Pills of holy excrement
8. Collection of the secret Vairocana pills
9. Precious pills of Boddhicita nectar
10. Amitabha pills of Jansem Kutsel
11. Brain pills of holy body.
12. Collection of the holy pills of Nyingma tradition
13. Collection of 37types of holy pills Sakya tradition
14. Collection 25 types of holy pills of Kagyud tradition
15. Collection of 31types of holy objects of Kadampa tradition
16. Body pills which can increase splendor
17. Speech pills which can produce the voice the Brahma 18. Mind pills that can generate great bliss
19. 25 types of vase substances prepared by His Holiness
20. Flesh pill of Yargay Ugen Lingpa
21. Skull pill of Dramze Pema Karpo revealed by Dudul
22. Brain pill of Longchen Rabjam
23. Seminal pills of father-­‐mother Guru Rinpoche revealed by Dudul
24. Medicinal pellets prepared by His Holiness during the Life Shadana puja
25. Medicinal pellets prepared during Kama Sadhana puja presided by His Holiness
and Minling Thrichen Rinpoche at Kapung Jang Monastery
26. Medicinal pellets made by His Holiness near Aye Temple.
27. Medicinal pellet prepared by Polo Rinpoche with the conduct of Vajrakilaya ritual at
28. Cloth used to wash the holy body of His Holiness.
29. Pawo chikdrub prepared by His Holiness through the conduct of
Dorsem Nhensong Jongwa in the Metal Bird Year
30. Medicinal Pellets prepared by His Holiness at Kapung Jang Monastery in the year of Water
31. Phabta( yeast) of thousands of treasure medicine and others of Khen, Kong and Chog
32. Ugyen Chogjur Dechen Lingpa’s hair
33. Bone of Pema Lingpa
34. Hair of Rigzin Khamsum Yongdrel
35. Kathog Thinley Gonpo’s hair
36. Seven-­‐birth pill made by His Holiness in Kongyul.
37. Guru Rinpoche’s medicine of dharma
38. Flesh of Yogi Melong Dorji.
39. Terchen Ngadad Nyang’s hair
40. Hair of Kunzang Tenpai Nyima, the eighth Pema Lingpa
41. Manjushri pills made by His Holiness
42. Powder of the body of Yoedsel Rinchen Nyingpo Pema Ledrel Tsel

Collection of sacred objects consists the wish fulfilling root yeast (Phabta) of His Holiness, sacred
substances made through the rituals of Ka-­‐gong-­‐phur sum, collection of sacred objects and elixir
of the Ogyen Mindroling and others. About 107types of sacred items are received from Dorzin
Jurme Deche. 12 types of crown pills and the cloths of Guru union, brain and ash of Longchen
Rabjam, flesh, bone, cloth and hair of Guru Chewang, his consort and son, body, cloth and hat of
Dorji Lingpa and his son Cheying Jamtsho, pills of the flesh of Ratna Lingpa and clothes used for
wrapping the body for the son Chedrag, body pills of Sangay Lingpa and Karma Lingpa, hat,
crown ornament, kinds of cloths, bones of Terdag Lingpa and cloths that wrapped his body,
bones, clothes, hair of Chogling, bones of Mipham Rinpoche, different kinds of sacred substances
of Kyentse, Kongtrul and Chogling are present. In brief, there are 135 kinds of sacred objects
collected and distributed for the well being of the sentient beings. 391 are collected from the box
of sacred objects of His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche.

Collected from the box of sacred objects of Dzogchen Polo Rinpoche, the second Garab
1) Cloth pills of Guru Cheki wangchuk
2. Holy excrement pill of Omniscient Kamapa
3. Bones and flesh pill of fifteenth Karmapa. 4. Hat pill of Terdag Lingpa
5. Flesh pill of Translator Choje Pel
6. Pills of the bone of Goshri Paljor Dendup
7. Bone pill Great Yogi Mari Ratna
8. Cloth of Rinchen Pel, the second Kuzhab
9. Yeshey Tshogyal’s hair
10. Karma Thinly’s pills of bodily remains
11. Treasure revealer Chogjur Lingpa’s medicine of dharma
12. Flesh pill of Yargay Ugen Lingpa
13. Hair pill of Teho Cheki wangpo
14. Piece of skull of Kathog Khenchen Ngawang Pelzang and pills obtained from Tulku
Urgyen Rigzin.
15. Belongings and the hair pill of Dagpo Tashi Namgyal
16. Hair pill of Namkha Nyinpo
17. Kathog Situ’s bone
18. Skull and the mind pill of the Lama Rinchen
19. Head pill of Teruka of Tsang
20. Treasure revealer Guru Chowang’s flesh
21. Body pill of great treasure revealer Karma lingpa
22. Body pill of great realized master Togden wangpo
23. Rosary pill of fifteenth dalai lama
24. Robe of fifth Dalai Lama
25. Upper robe pill of Omniscient Longchen Rabjam
26. Dodrub Chen Rinpoche’s robe pill
27. Pill of Jowo
28. Longevity pill of Ugyen Lingpa
29. Longevity pill phabta(Yeast)
30. Flesh of Pema Dolma
31. 25 vase-­‐substance of kriya tantra revealed by Khen, Kong and Chog.
32. Phabta (yeast) of medicine made from eight main and thousand secondary ingredients.
33. Tsaphab of Khen and Kong
34. Bones of the terton guru chewing
35. Piece of bone of Polo Khen Rinpoche
36. Hair of Polo Khen Rinpoche
37. Pills of the brain of Polo Khen Rinpoche
38. Flesh of Ratna lingpa
39. Skull of Kathog Mani Rinchen
40. Brain pill of Polo Khen Rinpoche
41. Polo Khen Rinpiche’s relic

Relics collected from the box of sacred objects of the Pema Norbu Rinpoche, the
emanation of Vimalamitra.

1. Sacred substances of great Lopen Ugyen Rinpoche
2. Collection of treasure substances by Chogling
3. Armor of king Gesar of Ling
4. Pill made from the collection of all the sacred substances 5. Collection of the bones of Patrul Rinpoche and previous Khyentse gongma
6. Sacred substance of Terton Taksham Rinpoche
7. Seminal pill of the father-­‐mother guru.
8. Longevity pill condensed into one of Ugyen Rinpoche , Vimalamitra and others
9. Collection of the sacred substacnec of the Minling Thrichen Yeshey W angyal
10. Sacred seven-­‐birth pill of Chogling
11. Sacred sadhana substances of Thuje Chenpo( Avalokiteshvara)
12. Bone pill of Khenchen Ngaga
13. Seven-­‐birth pill of Brahmin
14. Pill of Kathog Drachenmo
15. Bone ornament of Penchen Naropa
16. Flesh of Terton Dawai Yoezer
17. Sacred substance of Gonpo
18. Sadhana substance of Juthril Zhiwa (peaceful Illusionary net)
19. Sadhana substance of Juthril Throwo (wrathful Illusionary net)
20. Pills of Sherchin Karmo
21. Sacred scarf of Guru Rinpoche
22. Precious norsam pill
23. Life substances prepared at Chongrong Tashi Tse
24. Exceptional substances of eight roots
25. Substances of thousand branches
26. Pill of the four streams of empowerment
27. Pill of mustard that dispels obscuration
28. Pill of all-­‐inclusive life substances
29. Sacred soil brought from sacred places of India and Tibet
30. Kyentse’s bone
31. Drubwang Pema Norbu’s flesh
33. Dharma medicine prepared at Pema Shelphuk
34. Manjushri pill of Khyentse
35. Dharma medicine prepared by Berotsana
36. Serlo Tenpa Dargay’s bole
37. Medicinal pellet prepared by Khyentse through eight sadhanas
38. Terton Migyur Dorji’bone
39. Chogtrul Thubten Nyima’s bone
40. Omniscient Longchen Rabjam’s brain
41. Longevity pill and the life substances of Jamgon Kongtrul
42. Longevity pills originated from Longchen and his son
43. Rasayana pill
44. Sadhana substances of Manjushri Body
45. Sadhana substances of Lotus Speech
46. Sadhana substances of Vishuddha mind
47. Sadhana substance of elixir of Excelletnt Qualities
48. Sadhana substances of Vajra kilaya activities
49. Sadhana substances of Mundane Worship
50. Sadhana substances of Liberating Sorcery of Mother deities
51. Sadhana substances of Maledictory Fierce Mantra
52. Sadhana substances of the 13kinds of kama teachings
53. Khyentse’s collection of thirty nine medicinal pellets 54. Grass kunto zangpo(all-­‐benign) of Pemakot
55. Pill prepared with the one billion recitation of hundred syllable mantra vajrasattva
56. Collection of sacred substances of Minling
57. Dharma medicine prepared through the sadhana of Yamantaka
58. Sacred substance of wealth collected from the box of sacred objects of kYentse
59. Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa’s flesh
60. Flesh pill of Guru Chewing
61. seven-­‐birth pill of Karma Chagme
62. Body salt of Shama Khached Wangpo
63. Ash remains of Lord Buddha
64. Pill of the collected essence of Tsesang(secret life)
65. Sadhana substances of the Khandro Sandue of Dilgo Kyentse
66. Medicinal pellet prepared by Kyentse
67. Rosary of Thritsong Duetsen
68. Terton Ralpai Dorji’s hair
69. Collection of flesh and bones
70. Nose blood of Drubwang Pema Norbu
71. Central channel ( awa duti)
72. Sacred substances of thousand vidyadaras
73. Sacred substances obtained from the box of sacred box of dzongsar
74. Sadhana substance of secret wheel
75. Brain pill of Buddha Kasyapa
76. Sindhura (earth)of charnel ground
77. Flesh of karma tashi
78. Life substance of Ayu Khandro
79. Collected pill Potala
80. Dharma substance prepared by Jurme Dorji in the year of horse
81. Thantong gyalpo’s pill
82. Pill of wealth
83. Seminal pill of father-­‐mother Dudul Dorji
84. Mipham Rinpoche’s bone
85. Dharma medicine prepared by Kyentse Rabsel Dawa during the Tsokchen Dupa
86. Relic of Buddha Krakucchanda
88. Life pill of Phagma Nyingthig
89. Collection of the Khyentse’s life substance
90. Phabta ( yeast) of the medicinal pellets of Terton Migyur dorji
91. Pill prepared by Mingling Thrichen Yeshy wangyal
92. Sacred black pill prepared by Karmapa
93. Karmapa’s black pill
94. Situ Chejung flesh
95. Ugyen Lingpa’s flesh
96. Rigzin Kunzang Sherab’s skull
97. Pill of the condensed secret substances
98. Khorwa Dontruk Pill (that can dredge the trench samsara)
99. Golden water of ugyen pema lake
100. Bone of former Dudjom
101. Life substance prepared at Chonrong tashi tse
102. Skull pill of Princess Pema Sel 103. Relic of Kagyur Jama
104. Bone of Lhodrag Marpa
105. Saliva of vulture
106. Dharma medicine prepared by Kongtrul at Tsari
107. Dharma medicine prepared through Kongtrul Gondue (embodiment of Intentions)
108. Seminal pill of Chechog pelgu
109. Mind of the Rigzin Terdag Lingpa
110. Bone of Jowo je
111. Dharma medicine of Kongtrul at Yarling Sheldrak
112. Bone of Takzig Ahwu Khandro
113. Dharma medicine of Kagonphur sum of Kongtrul
114. Mipham Rinpoche’s rosary
115. Ahja (hundred ah syllables) pill of Jatshen
116. Sacred substances prepared by eight vidyadharas and twenty five disciples of Guru
117. Armor of Yaksha Tsiumar
118. Sacred substance (Damze) of fourteenth Karmapa
119. Dharma medicine of minling thrichen yeshey wangyal
120. Dharma medicine Kyentshe
121. Ash remains of the five burning by dudjom Doled
122. Ear ornament of Thritsong deutsen
123. Tooth relic of Sakaymuni
124. Immortal sacred object prepared at the secret cave of the heavenly realm of Mugsang
125. Nyondrel( liberation at the taste) Pill of the embodiment of all the Buddhas.
126. Collection of the pills of the treasure of genuine treasure revealers
127. Skin of wild animal Tikna
128. Brain pill of Omniscient Longchenpa
129. Longevity pill prepared by translator Berotsana
130. Tooth of Pema Jungne
131. Longevity pill of Zhechen Pema Namgyal
132. Bone of Khenpo Pedor
133. Collected treasures of Chogling
134. Bone of Situ Pema Nyinjed wangpo
135. Ash remains of Lord Buddha
136. boddhicita (jangsem) pill of Guru Rinpoche
137. Flesh of former Drubwang
138. Flesh of Ugyen Lingpa
139. Medicine pellet prepared through eight sadhamas
140. shantarakshita’s sacred substances
141. Sacred all-­‐inclusive pill
142. Dharma medicine of khyentse’s mind treasure
143. Karma Tashi’s flesh
144. Jatsen Nyingpo robe pill
145. Longevity pill prepared by Guru Rinpoche at Samye Chimphu
146. Treasure substance (terze)of Thegchog Dorji
147. Dharma medicine prepared by Zhechen
148. Bone of former Chogtrul
149. Dharma medicine prepared by Kyentse at Lhodrag 150. Eight sadhana pill of Chogling
151. Sacred all-­‐inclusive pill Tendue rilbu) of kathog
152. Sacred substances phabta (yeast) obtained from the box of the sacred objects of
153. Pill made out of more than 40 relics of Lord Buddha, Kasyapa and others
154. Sangay Nyenpa’s bone
155. Brain pill of Nyammed Dakpo
156. Nose blood pill of eighth karmapa
157. Sacred treasure of Karmapa Rangjung Dorji
158. Tapel (multiplied form) of Bodily remains
159. Root tapel, the revealed treasure of Chogling
160. Salt used for preservation of Dujom Rinpoche’s body
161. Sixteenth Karmapa’s bone
162. Phabta (yeast) of treasure substances obtained from Chagme
163. Relic of Phagpa Shingkun stupa
164. Text of wrathful and peaceful deities, the revealed treasure of Nayngrel
165. robes of Dodrag Rigzin Ngagi Wangpo
166. Robe of Karma Chagme
167. Upper robe of Taklung Sangay Yeshey
168. Robe of Jamyang Khyentse
169. Robe of Karma Tashi
170. Robe of second Lungtog
171. Hair of Draktrul Thragthun Rolpa
172. Robe of Patrul Rinpoche
173. Hair of Guru Rinpoche
174. Sacred amulet of great yogis
175. Cloth of Chinese king
176. Upper robe (Choege)of Shantarakshita
177. Belongings of Buddha and robes of father-­‐mother guru.
178. robes of Dakini Yeshey Tshogyal
179. Namkhai Nyingpo’s flesh
180. Meditation belt of Jetsun Milarepa
181. Sacred manuscript of kadampa desheg
182. Former Drubwang’s hair
183. Kongtrul Rinpoche’s robe
184. Mendarawa’s robe
185. Dawa Gyeltsen’s hair
186. Kongtrul Rinpoche’s robe
187. Trantric practitioner HumNag Mebar’s wollen cloth.
188. Dzogchen Penlop’s robe
189. Dogon Wangdi Nyinpo’s robe
190. Gyalse Zhenphen Thaye’s robe
191. Collection of all the robes.
192. Yeshey Tsogyal’s secret robe
193. Omniscient Tara Natha’s robe
194. Do Ngag Cheki Nyima’s hair
195. Dudul Dorji Lingpa’s robe
196. Ralpai Dorji’s robe 197. Manuscript of dharma king Songtsen Gampo
198. Samye Katen’s robe
199. Jatsen Nyinpo’ s secret robe
200. Dodrag Rigzin petheng’s robe
201. Khenpo Zhenga’s robe
202. Chagme Rinpoche’s shoe
203. Former Jatrul’s robe
204. Shariputra’s robe
205. Kadampa Desheg’s shoe
206. Sand of Lake Manasarovar
207. Karmapa Khachab Dorji’s robe
208. Terton Migyur Dorji’s robe
209. Revealed treasure of Guru Rinpoche’s robe from Yarlung Sheldrak
210. Dagpo Rinpoche’s robe
211. Nyagla Pema Dudul’s robe
212.Dudul Pawo Dorji’ robe
213. Chogling’s robe
214. Thromge Ari’s robe
215. Jamyang Khyentse’s bone
216. Situ Chejung’s hat
217. Khyentse Cheki Lodoe’s shoe
218. Do Khyentse’s hat
219. Nyoshul lungtok’s robe
220. Dokhe Dubthob’s robe
221. Dudjom’s hair
222. Thangtong Gyalpo’s robe
223. Loter Wangpo’s robe
224. Berotsana’s manuscript
225. Karmapa Choying Dorji’s robe
226. Mani Lama Pema Siddhi’s hair
227. Dodrag Rigzin’s insence
228. Great treaure revealer Rinchen Lingpa’s hair
229. Namkhai Nyinpo’s hat
230. Serlo Tenpa Gyaltsen’s robe
231. Mingling Chung Rinpoche’s robe
232. Ugyen Rinpoche’s brocade robe
233. Guru’s Rinpoche belongings
234. Tenth Drukchen’s robe
235. Jigme Lingpa’s robes
236. Sixteenth Karmapa’s robe
237. Phulung Sangay Rinpoche’s hair
238. Rabsel Dawa’s hair
239. Khenpo Ngaga’s robe
240. Second Dzogtrul’s robe
241. Taksham Rinpoche’s hair
242. Abbot Shantarakshita’s robe
243. Ninth Drukchen’s robe
244. Terton Sogyal robe 245. Sakya Ngorchen Dorchang’s mat
246. Sachen Kunga Nyingpo’s robe
247. Mipham Rinpoche’s robe
248. Ma Lotsawa’s(Translator) robe
249. Terchen Rinpoche’s robe
250. Dubthrob Dungtso Relpa’s robe
251. Pema Lingpa’s bone
252. Pema Yodsel Dongag Lingpa’ s hair
253. Dongag Cheki Nyima’s robe
254. Dzogtrul Migyur Dorji’s mat
255. Former Khyentse’s robe
256. Collection of the robes of realized masters
257. Dzogchen Pema Rigzin’s robe
258. Ngadag Drogon’s hair
259. Fourteenth Dzogchen’shair
260. Third Gampo’srobe
261. Khenchen Ngaga’s hair
262. Rabne Geleg Charbeb’s hand-­‐barley and flower
263. Karma Chagme’s hand-­‐barley
264. Karmapa Kyiyi’s robe
265. Lhasa Jowo’s robe
266. Yeshey Tsogayl’s hair
267. Karmapa Khachab Dorji’s robe
268. Jetsun Migyur Peldon’s robe
269. Berotsana’s hat
270. More than seven thousand relics obtained from the box of sacred object of Minling
271. Great king Vaishravana’s incense
The sacred objects above were collected into seven heaps.
In total there are 271 sacred substances in this collection.

Sacred substances obtained from the box of sacred object of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

1. Garab, Shrisinha, Vimalamitra, Guru Rinpoche and his disciple’s first tapel (multiplied form
of sacred
2. 13 kinds of dharma medicine (choemen) prepared by Jamgon Rinpoche
3. Vimalamitra’s dharma medicine
4. Dharma medicine prepared Khyense Cheki Lodoe at Lhodrag Phenzang
5. Revealed treasure of sacred pill of thousand vidyadharas
6. Precious dharma medicine prepared by Terchen and Kongtrul through Gongdu
(embodiment of realization) in the Mouse Year of 15th rabjung cycle.
7. Garab Dorje’s dharma medicine
8. Dharma medicine prepared by Chogjur Lingpa at Sikkim in the 11th month of Earth Sheep
9. Dharma medicine prepared through eight sadhana of Zhechen
10. 39 sections of sacred medicine prepared at Mashod Tashi palace on the 1st day, eighth
month of Earth Horse Year.
11. Dharma medicine prepared on 11day, 3month of Wood Dog Year through lama Gongdu
(summary of the guru’s enlightened intention)
12. dharma medicine prepared during waxing period of the 12thmonth of Metal Bird Year
with more than 50 excellent phabjun (unbroken continuum of yeast) through sadhana puja of
13. Pills of dharma medicine prepared through ka-­‐gong-­‐phur sum( eight sadhana, condensed
intention and kilaya) ritual of Kongtrul
14. Dharma medicine prepared by Jurme Dorji in the Earth Horse Year
15. Dharma medicine prepared through New treasure Heruka practice at Karma’s monastery
16. Dharma medicine prepared through the Kongtrul’s Gongdu (condensed intention) in Earth
Sheep Year at Rinchen Drag
17. Dharma medicine prepared by Gyelwang Khachab Dorji and Pawo Rinpoche in Water
Sheep Year.
18. Dharma medicine prepared through yangtor tsasum dildrup
19. Dharma medicine prepared by Karma Gyalse Tsewang drakpa in the Water Monkey Year.
20. Dharma medicine prepared through eight sadhana in Fire Snake Year
21. Dharma medicine of the collection of all the revealed substances
22. Composite of all the Kheyntse’s medicine of dharma
23. Dharma medicine prepared by Karma Gyalse Tsewang Drakpa in the year of Water
24. Dharma medicine prepared by Chogyur Lingpa on 11th month of Earth Sheep Year
25. Dharma medicine which is offered to Khentse by Kongtrul during the longevity prayer on
the tenth day of the eighth month of Wood Dog Year
26. Collection of sacred objects obtained from the Dzongsar’s box of sacred object
27. Medicine prepared by His holiness Karmapa in the Earth Bird Year
28. Substance of accomplishment prepared by Terse rinpoche
29. Dharma medicine prepared Kongtrul and Situ’s Khenlop through the conduct of Gondu
(embodiment of intentions)
30. Dharma medicine prepared by Ugyen Cheme Tenyid Lingpa at the retreat place of
Khache Sangphug through the conduct of Kagyed dedue (condensation of the eight sadhanas)
ritual from 3day to 16day of the fourth Month of Water Mouse Year.
31. Thrichen Yezhin Wangyal’s dharma medicine
32. Dharma medicine prepared by at Punakha in the ninth month of metal bird year
33. Dharma medicine prepared through the collection of the revealed treasures of the cave
Tsadra Rinchen Drag