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The Power of Stupas and Statues

The Power of Stupas and Statues By Erik Pema Kunzang Many masters, including Tulku Urgyen and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, show that they have a deep understanding of how everything unfolds dependent on causes in connection with circumstances. They see great value in statues, stupas and paintings that demonstrate the awakened state for the positive effect […]

Om Yedharma

Om Yedharma by Lila Kate Wheeler I love the Om Yedharma mantra because, among other things, the first record of its being spoken in the Suttas enshrines an enlightening transmission from a senior student to a new one, from Assaji to Sariputta — during a brief encounter in the street.  Assaji was an arhant, fully […]

The Administration of Tibetan Precious Pills

Asian Med (Lieden). Author manuscript; available in PMC 2016 December 13. Published in final edited form as: Asian Med (Lieden). 2015 ; 10(1-2): 36–89. doi:10.1163/15734218-12341350. The Administration of Tibetan Precious Pills: Efficacy in Historical and Ritual Contexts Olaf Czaja University of Westminster, London Abstract Precious pills represent a special kind of Tibetan drug that once […]

Dependent Arising

Dependent Arising by Josh Lazaroff   As we were about to conclude our time studying Thai massage in Chang Mai, Thailand, our teacher, Pichet Boonthume, told us that we had to do an 11 day silent meditation retreat before we started dong thai massage with others.  As luck, or karma, would have it, my wife […]

The Ye Dharma Mantra

THE “YE DHARMA” MANTRA By Dr. Todd Gibson, PhD   Om yedharma hetu prabhava hetu tesham tathagato hyavadat teshem ca yonirodha evam vadi mahasramana svaha. “Of those things which arise from causes, their causes have been shown by the awakened one, along with their cessation. Thus the great shramana has spoken.” This brief statement is […]

Interdependence: A Personal Perspective

INTERDEPENDENCE: A PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE By Jampa Mackenzie Stewart My first experience of interdependence was not in a Buddhist temple, nor at the feet of a Lama or Zen master, nor was it in a mountain cave. It happened quite unexpectedly when I was in seventh grade science class. Our teacher had just begun introducing us […]