Damdrip Nyenpa Kunsel Purification Incense



After several years of contacting different Tibetan doctors and Lamas, we are very happy to finally be able to offer this rare incense. It is made for us in Nepal and contains blessed substances from the personal collection of the late Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche, the former head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.

This special incense is related to the deity Bhurkumkuta, or Krodha Raja (Tibetan: me wa tseg pa, tro wo gyal po), who is specifically employed in the eradication of karmic sickness, disease and contamination (Tibetan: grib). A “drip” is a type of energetic defilement which, according to Tibetan belief, can be ‘caught’ or ‘picked up’ by association with ‘impure’ people, places and objects. Often felt at first as a general sense of unease, a drip can easily become lodged in the contaminated person, later manifesting as mental and physical illness. Not exactly a spirit, this type of impurity can be cleared by using this incense, either with or without doing the associated mantra and practice.


Using the incense:

This incense is not used like normal offering incense. Light the incense at one tip. Once smouldering, inhale the smoke through the mouth and exhale through the nose 3-5 times. Extinguish the incense by holding the lighted end against a metal object until it goes out. Used like this, one short stick can last for months or even years. When a piece of incense grows too short to hold in the hand, heat the tip of a pin or needle and insert into the end of the remaining incense. Doing this allows one to use the entire stick without waste.

The incense can be used for various feelings of imbalance, the ‘blues’ and related circumstances. It is especially effective for purifying spiritual and energetic defilements and breakages of samaya. Often the effects are immediate, although of course each person’s system is different. It can also be used to purify potentially contaminated objects (a used car, clothing, furniture, etc) before bringing into one’s home.

Please drop us a note if you have any kind of interesting experience from using this product.

One four inch (4″) piece of incense is included in each order.


As with the other sacred items we offer, funds collected through offering these pills will be used to further the teachings of Buddhism both in Tibet and here in the West. We do this by supporting monastics and yogins on retreat, as well as building stupas, monasteries, retreat hermitages and through other projects. Your participation through purchasing these special items is deeply appreciated.