Saraswati Intelligence Rilbu



Originally an Indian deity, in the Tibetan Tradition Saraswati (her Tibetan name is Yangchenma དབྱངས་ཅན་མ།) is considered the female manifestation of wisdom and intelligence, and is sometimes shown as the consort of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. She is the patroness of the arts, science, music, language, literature, history, poetry & philosophy, and the patron and supporter of all those engaged in creative practice.

These Sherab Rilbu (intelligence pills) were made by the great Amchi (Tibetan for doctor) Orgyen in Lhadak, who unfortunately has recently passed away. One is to take 3 pills each morning for at least a week, although the Amchi has recommended that they be taken for a month or more. During this time it is good to supplicate Saraswati, make offerings to her and to say her mantra. According to the Amchi, taking these pills will increase one’s intelligence, support healthy ageing, sharpen the mind and enhance one’s memory.

Each packet contains 21 pills which may be eaten, worn on the body or kept on one’s shrine or altar.

As with the other sacred items we offer, funds collected through offering these pills will be used to further the teachings of Buddhism both in Tibet and here in the West. We do this by supporting monastics and yogins on retreat, as well as building stupas, monasteries, retreat hermitages and through other projects. Your participation through purchasing these special items is deeply appreciated. 

Note: Please let us know of any special experiences you might have while using this formula. I (Joseph Wagner) am personally taking a course of these right now and have noticed quite a few unexpected new ideas popping up, so they seem to have an effect. In fact, I have had a number of unexpected ‘feats of memory’ occur recently. This is very unusual for me.

What others are saying:

This stuff has definitely created a positive result: calm clarity of mind, better focus on all things, from the mundane to the sublime. In particular, I am better at planning/scheduling, recalling and sticking to it. That’s why I recently ordered – and today received – a second two weeks’ supply. Nothing else has changed in my daily regimen, so I am pretty sure it’s Saraswati Rilbu.


“A gazillion thanks for the Saraswati pills! They have made a big difference in my concentration, clarity and memory. All are improving! So may thanks!”

– MA, France