Statue of Buddha Shakyamuni



 I have discovered the supremely sublime and astonishing absolute,

The ineffable state, untainted by language,

Suchness, the sky like nature of phenomena,

Completely free of discursive, conceptual movement.


– From the first utterance of the Buddha after attaining enlightenment, according to the Lalitavistara Sutra


During my first trip to Nepal in 1993, this rupa came into my hands through a series of fortunate coincidences. The statue was hand made in Patan, Nepal by the great Shakya family statue maker head Siddhi Raj Shakya whose masterpieces grace the shrines of Buddhist masters and their monasteries around the world and even the personal temple of the King of Bhutan. To my eyes it is one of the most complete and beautiful statues of the Buddha I have ever come across. In order that others may have such a moving representation in their homes and temples, I commissioned a statue maker and artist I know to create a mold using the original, so that a perfect representation of this statue could be cast in polyresin; a durable material which is fine enough to reproduce all the original detail.

The process of mold making and casting has recently been completed, and it is our pleasure to offer this uniquely beautiful statue as an object of veneration. The statues came out very well, with all the hand carving and subtle detail captured perfectly.

In this figure, the Buddha performs the Bhumisparsha, or “earth touching” mudra. Shakyamuni Buddha is seated with his right hand over the right knee reaching toward the ground with the palm facing inward. His left hand can be seen with the palm upright in his lap, in a posture of meditation. This gesture commemorates the moment of the Buddha’s awakening as he claims the earth as the witness of his attainment of Anuttarā-Samyak-Saṃbodhi – complete perfect enlightenment.

Before shipping, these statue will be filled with the appropriate mantras and Buddhist scriptures according to Vajrayana tradition, and will contain a selection of ringsel (relics) and blessed substances collected by me from around the Buddhist world. Thus, they will be ready for immediate placement on a shrine or altar, where they can be an object of devotion for generations to come. If you prefer to have the statue delivered unfilled, please specify this when you place your order.

The statue is approximately 5.5 inches high and 4.5 inches wide.

As the statues are filled and blessed, they should not be put on the floor or a seat, but in a place of respect.

Like our other holy objects, all funds raised through the sale of these images will go to help Denver Dzogchen (Chönyi Ling) to spread the teachings of the Vajrayana; to continue to bring teachers from Bhutan, Tibet, India and Nepal to teach in the West; to build and place stupas; to support practitioners in meditation retreat (primarily in Tibet and Kham); and especially to help spread the lineage of the enlightened intent as widely as possible.

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