“Magical” Men’s Delay Formula



The Future Alchemy Delay Formula is almost magical in it’s ability to delay the inevitable: the male ejaculation. Throughout history, ‘lasting longer’ has been a focus of both popular discussion and religious practice in cultures from Tang Dynasty China to ancient Persia. Yogic exercises, breath holding, pressure points, visualization and magic formula have all been prescribed to deal with the problem of men reaching the peak too soon.

Now, for the first time, Future Alchemy is sharing a special formula which is specially designed to help men last as long as they wish in bed. We have experimented with numerous recipes from around the world, both ancient and modern, and have found that this combination of herbs is the most effective yet discovered. Taken 1 -2 hours before intercourse, this formula allows complete sensitivity while bringing the orgasmic urge under control to a surprising degree. Unlike desensitizing creams which deaden one’s ability to experience full pleasure, this compound simply allows a greater degree of control. Whether your goal is simply prolonging the magic or redirecting sexual energy to enable higher states of meditative concentration and alchemical refinement, this formula can help. 10 capsules per jar.



Take one or two capsules an hour or two before ‘pillowing’, preferably on an empty stomach.


Hypericum perforatum, Kaempferia parviflora extract, Crocus Sativus (stigma), Crataegus oxyacantha, Hyperforin extract, oxitriptan, Tanacetum parthenium, Angelica sinensis