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We greatly appreciate donations above our suggested price as all proceeds from the sale of these pills go directly to Terton Rinpoche. He has undertaken to build a large number of major stupas (Buddhist monuments) at various blessed places in Kham (Eastern Tibet) to pacify warfare and disease in the world. At this point he has completed more than 15 of these, some as large as 10 meters high.

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The great master Padmasambhava came to Tibet in the 8th century. As a legacy for future disciples, he buried innumerable treasures, known as Terma in Tibetan. These Terma consist of texts containing meditative instructions, statues and practice supports, and herbal substances to enhance meditation practice, heal illness, and purify the subtle body.

The modern visionary Terton Rinpoche of Kham, Eastern Tibet, discovered a cash of Terma some years ago. The treasure casket, which I have personally seen, contained a blessed material brought to Tibet by Padmasambhava as well as instructions for using this material as the basis for a supreme blessing pill.

Known as Dromtse Rilbu, the instructions gave 75 additional ingredients which needed to be collected (some of which are also Terma themselves) as well as the method for making the pills and consecrating them.

These pills are blessed in an elaborate ritual ceremony lasting many days. They contain tremendous blessings, and according to the Terton himself, can clear out blockages in the subtle body, purify karmic obscurations accumulated through many lifetimes, and provide a glimpse of the Original Nature of the mind. In short, they are tremendously blessed and very amazing. They may be kept on the shrine or worn around the neck as a blessing.


This picture shows the traditional packet given out with the Dromtse Rilbu in Tibet. It reads:

Brahmin pills which destroy and conquer all negativity, sickness and demonic influences.

Herein are the pills of the vital essence of deathlessness.

We spent several weeks with Rinpoche and his family at the end of 2016 and are pleased to report that everyone is well. Since that time the entire family, along with more than a dozen monks and nuns from the surrounding area,  undertook a journey to prostrate all the way from their home in Kham to Lhasa – a journey of more than 1000 miles. This pilgrimage was successfully completed at the beginning of 2018. This is the second time Rinpoche has made this pilgrimage. All funds collected for these pills will go toward supporting Rinpoche and his many projects as he upholds the true Dharma in Tibet.

Note: We are now offering the pills individually. One order is for one pill.

For more information about Terton Rinpoche please visit the site of our Buddhist center:


2 reviews for Dromtse Rilbu

  1. Alp

    These are some very special pills. When kept in contact or in close proximity they seem to enhance every aspects of daily practices. When one sleeps with a pill nearby (or contacting) there seems to be a more restful sleep along with more joyous dreams. In this manner, the consumption of, agar-35 combines very well. The pills have a very reassuring nature. Meditation is enhanced by them. Two buddhist centers in the west consider these pills highly precious. They are a great addition to an altar. These pills are very beneficial indeed. It is very natural to be very grateful to Terton Rinpoche, all the Buddhas of the past, present and future, the great perfection of wisdom, all the Bodhisattvas, all the Mahasattvas along with all the beings, for those that have the good fortune to come in contact with these sacred objects.

  2. David

    Can this pill be eaten? If so, do you have a suggested method? Same question goes for the Son pill. Thanks.

    • Owner


    • Owner

      Hi David,

      Yes, the pill can be eaten. And the son pill as well.

      best wishes,

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