Da Phur Trag Pa 13 – Male Sexual Tonic from Tibet

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Da Phur Trag Pa 13 is a very rare Tibetan formula specifically developed to enhance male sexual function and rejuvenate male subtle energy in the form of Jing Chi (sexual fluid and essence). Because sexual vitality is intimately connected with the drive toward spiritual realization, formulas such as this can harmonize sexual imbalance, rejuvenate energetic weakness, and catalyze development. By maximizing chi/qi and increasing tigle (essence), the body and mind can be brought to fullness.

These pills are made for Future Alchemy by a Lama-Doctor (Tibetan: Amchi) living in the mountains outside of Kathmandu, Nepal. Trained by one of the greatest living masters of Tibetan Buddhism, HE Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche, the Amchi has developed this formula by working with Rinpoche himself.

Useful for developing subtle energy, rejuvenation, and specifically for enhancing the practices of Trulkor (Tibetan physical yoga), Tummo (Yogic Inner Heat) and Sexual Union.

Dosage: 1 pill per day, taken in the morning before food. Chew the pill and swallow with warm water. Wait at least 30 minutes before eating.

Each bottle contains 25 pills.

1 review for Da Phur Trag Pa 13 – Male Sexual Tonic from Tibet

  1. michael hoynes (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this stuff. It was by far my favourite tonic, felt it immediately. Great full to have been able to take it.

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