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Long Feng Sha is among the highest grade of teas available in Taiwan. It is also our favorite. Because of its World Class rating, very little is available outside of Taiwan and we are fortunate to be able to offer it. This tea is produced in the Shan Ling Xi district, and grown at an elevation of nearly 2000 meters. It’s grown in the Long Feng Sha canyon on the mountain where days are often foggy. The high altitude, cool days, and suspended moisture provide the perfect conditions for the production of an incredible tea. Long Feng Sha is often richer and offers a deeper flavor than its sister tea, Shan Ling Shi, which is grown lower on the mountainside. This particular tea is grown and finished by Mr Chen in Nantou county.

Long Feng Sha is both picked and processed by hand and offers an oxidation level of approximately 12%. The Spring 2017 harvest of this tea features exceptional quality, a deep and smooth flavor, a complete lack of bitterness, harmonized floral tones, and a spectacular fragrance which make it one of our consistent favorites.

Long Feng Sha is the most outstanding tea we offer. Rich and aromatic, with good longevity, this tea will yield 4-7 pots.

Comes in 75 gram, vacuum-sealed foil bags. Each bag is $25