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Our Sacred Incense Powder is formulated according to traditional Vajrayana Buddhist methods. A combination of juniper and other fragrant herbs and woods from around the world, it can be used for the traditional Sangcho offering of Tibetan Buddhism, or burnt simply to purify, empower and protect any environment.

This traditional incense powder is an alchemically designed blend of relics from past and present saints, consecrated medicinal herbs, flowers, and minerals, and sacred juniper. It includes gold, silver, copper, pearl and coral; five-colored cloth representing the pure essence of earth, water, fire, air and space; and the three whites (butter, milk, curd) and the three sweets (honey, sugar, molasses).

The various sacred substances have been gathered from Lamas and hermits from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, France and Turtle Island, USA; from holy places including Samye, Jokhang, Mindroling, Dzogchen, Larung, Kalzang, Dodrup, Chagdud, Reting, and Drepung monasteries; and from the mountainsides of Kailash, Everest, Tsari, Chimpu, Yangleshö, Lerab Ling Tarpoling, Amnye Machen, Rebkong Nyagar, Nurbu Yurtse, Mt. Tamalpais, Wu Tai Shan in China, Nepal, and the Wind River, Sierra Nevada, and Rocky Mountains. A recent addition is the fragrant juniper growing in and around Moab, Utah.

To use: sprinkle on top of a burning ember, piece of charcoal, or stick of incense, while reciting ‘Ram, Yam, Kam’ and ‘Om, Ah, Hum’ to purify, multiply and transform the offering into the ambrosia of wisdom. Make aspirational prayers and good wishes while the evocative fragrant vapors spread. Can be combined with your own sang mixture as well.

This incense is also a powerful support for meditation.

Velvet drawstring bag contains approximately 50g of powder.

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  1. Alp

    This is a very nice smelling incense it is a great addition to an altar. The incense can be offered, as powder to statues and other precious items. The nice smell can also help encourage a more serene yoga and a happier meditation when scattered over the area of practice. It is good for offering on general.

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