“Son” Pills Made from the Flesh of a Brahmin Born Seven Times


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As a result of continual requests, and because our original stock of these amazing substances has run out, we have decided to use our personal supply of these Brahmin pills to make more, in the traditional Tibetan fashion. Very often when working with sacred substances in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan, a ‘homeopathic’ amount of the original blessed material is used to make additional pills, allowing the blessing of such special substances as these to continue for generations. Taking this precedent as our inspiration, we have combined all of the special terma substances, ringsel, Chulen and blessed materials in our possession with the remaining Brahmin pills from Gangteng Rinpoche, and have made and consecrated a small batch of new pills to share with the Future Alchemy community. These are very special, and the supply is low.


Below is the original description of these pills.

These pills are among the most special and extraordinary Terma substances to come into our hands here at Future Alchemy. They are made of actual terma materials revealed by Pema Lingpa, Ratna Lingpa, and other great Tertons. These special substances, along with the actual flesh of a Brahmin born seven times*, are combined and consecrated during a special drubchen ceremony** led by the great Bhutanese master Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, the head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism in Bhutan.

Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche himself offered us these pills in the hopes that they can, through Future Alchemy, connect with many beings and thus bring great benefit. ALL PROCEEDS CONNECTED TO THESE PILLS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO GANGTENG TULKU RINPOCHE to assist with his work of managing more than forty monasteries and nunneries, many retreat centers, and acting as a spiritual father to thousands of Bhutanese, Tibetan, and Western disciples.

Rinpoche himself feels these pills are extremely special, and treats them with great respect. Just having one in on one’s shrine can help to dispel obstacles, extend one’s life, and bring spiritual insight and realization. They can also be eaten, though traditionally this is done at or near the time of death.

Each pill costs $20. If you wish to offer more to support the work of Gangteng Rinpoche, please contact us at info@FutureAlchemy.com

* Flesh of a Brahmin Born Seven Times: The Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism recognizes special substances called ‘myong grol’ which can liberate upon tasting. These pills contain such a substance. According to lineage histories, the great Terton Orgyen Lingpa was one of these special beings who has born seven times as a Brahmin (sometimes ‘vegetarian’ is inserted in place of Brahmin). When an aristocrat named Kurap requested and tasted a tiny bit of Orgyen Lingpa’s flesh after the great master had died, he blazed with mystical experience, and was even able to levitate above the ground. Such is held to be the great power and blessing of materials such as this.

**A drubchen is a traditional form of group meditation retreat that lasts for nine or ten days. It involves a large number of lay and monastic practitioners and is led by at least one high Lama. Drubchens are regarded as a very powerful practice, and are said to act as a remedy to negative forces, and to promote peace at many levels.


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