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According to the Khandro Nyingthig cycle of esoteric Dzogchen instructions correlated by Longchen Rabjam in the 14th century, the body is essentially a system of energies in motion. These energies (rLung) flow throughout the body in a system of channels (Tib: tsa, Sanskrit: nadi), not unlike the meridian system of Chinese medicine. The most condensed form of subtle energy is tigle (Sanskrit: bindu).

During the waxing phase of the moon, the active aspect of the bindu/tigle or ‘causal creative potency’ expands upward from the sexual center toward the crown of the head. In order to draw these energies upward and allow this expansion free passage through the subtle channels, one is instructed to apply a special mixture of oils to the crown each day.

We at Future Alchemy have engaged the assistance of the Vajrayana practitioner and aromatherapy expert Shanti Dechen to formulate a perfect blend of essential oils and blessed substances according to Longchenpa’s recipe in the Khandro Nyingthig root text to assist in this process. A few drops of our Expansion Formula is to be applied once or twice per per day to the crown of the head during the waxing phase of the moon. Application can be followed by meditation and yogic exercises focused on the subtle winds and channels (Tib: Tsalung/tummo). The energizing effect of this formula may prevent sleep if applied late at night.

According to Longchenpa:

Because (during this time) the energies are expanding upward to the crown, whatever merits one accumulates are increased, and for this reason one shouldn’t apply bleeding or burning treatments. While experiences may increase or decrease, because one’s capacities, senses and bodhicitta, which ought not be eliminated, are expanding, one should massage a shaved place at the crown of one’s head with a special mixture. Thus the phases of the body will not be in conflict, and illness will be prevented. If one does not do this, the active aspect will be disturbed and will fail to expand to the crown of the head and because of this the body will be in harmony, and disease can arise.

A one dram bottle can last four to six months if applied in this way.

One practitioner who has used both of these formulas consistently for more than one year has this to say:

Some sanghas use the Indian lunar calendar, such as FPMT. I am using my local lunar cycle for this. I skip quarter moon phases and do not apply anything on that day.


Using it twice a day, 3 drops (6 in total) spread between both soles morning and evening. In the morning, on some days I feel more tired. In the evening, it’s somewhat easier to fall asleep after application. The instructions say to warm your soles beneath the sun, which I usually don’t have time for, but on the rare occasion I do this, I notice that the veins on my feet pulse very noticeably.


Once daily in the morning. I can’t count the drops as I do with the waning, because I have hair and the dropper isn’t visible. I believe I use around 5 drops a day, 5 per application. It is noticeably harder to fall asleep if I apply the expansion formula in the evening, so I usually only use it in the morning. Throughout the day I feel a strange “tension” in my head that is accompanied by a deep sense of calm. This experience is very obvious and if I didn’t experience this I’d probably have stopped using these formulas a few months ago. This is especially noticeable when I make the switch from waxing -> waning.

I think the greatest benefit that I can tell from using these formulas is the reduction in sickness. I sometimes sneeze and have a stuffy nose, but unlike before it doesn’t develop into a sickness and goes away the next day. In fact, I actually don’t remember the last time I was sick, and I’ve been using the extracts for the past year or so.



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