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We are very pleased to offer a special form of Chulen made at Gangtey Gompa in Bhutan and consecrated by HE Gangteng Rinpoche himself. In the autumn of 2014 HE Gangteng Rinpoche, incarnation of Pema Lingpa and supreme head of the Nyingma school of Buddhism in the country of Bhutan, visited our center Chonyi Ling here in Colorado. He bestowed the empowerment for the Kongchak Chidu, an important cycle of teachings revealed by the 16th century visionary Jatson Nyingpo. After the empowerment Rinpoche gave me a freshly made batch of Chulen, asking that I offer them for sale on this site to support the nuns, monks and retreatants who Rinpoche is responsible for. The pills are made in the traditional way by a classically trained Tibetan doctor and lama living at Gangtey Gompa, and are used by practitioners in Bhutan who are engaged in the practice of Essence Extraction (Tib. bCud len). The recipe is preserved in the Nyingma Tantras, and the herbs making up the pill are wild crafted by the doctor and his assistants in the mountains surrounding the monastery.

The practice of Chulen helps to break one’s habitual attachment to external food by allowing the body to extract nutrition and energy from various refined sources, such as empowered water, air (chi or prana), the sky, or, more commonly, condensed essence pills such as these. Some practitioners are able to fast on nothing but these pills for periods or more than six months, taking no food at all. Even if one is not fasting, Chulen can help to restore deep energy and establish a mind state suitable for meditation.

For practitioners in the West, Rinpoche said these pills can deepen meditation, improve health, and will help the practitioner to make a connection to the lineage of Pema Lingpa and Buddhism as a whole. To get the maximum results, Rinpoche recommended taking one pill per day in the morning with warm water for at least three weeks. My own experience, however, is that they are quite energetically active, and taking even one pill has been beneficial to my practice. Rinpoche also mentioned the pills are very blessed, containing not only herbs and minerals but relics and other blessed substances he himself contributed to the formula, and as such may be worn in a reliquary (gao) or placed on one’s shrine.

Another option is to crush any number of pills and add them to a bottle of alcohol (Cointreu works very well). Over time the essence of the pills will be extracted and a small amount of alcohol may be drunk to get the benefits.

Each pill is $6. If you are interested in ordering a large number, please contact us at

All monies collected through the sale of these Chulen will be personally hand delivered to Rinpoche himself.


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