Samten Rilbu 2.0


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Samten (Tib. bsam gtan; Skt. dhyana) is the Tibetan word for deep meditative absorption, where the mind is unmixed with mental poisons (Skt. kleshas).  This profound state is the unity of awareness and equanimity, and, while interpreted differently by the various schools, is held as a primary form of mental absorption in the meditation practices of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

Lying at the very heart of Buddhism, the practice of Dhyana refers to concentrated meditation in many forms. The word itself was later pronounced Ch’an in Chinese and became Zen in Japanese. The master most deeply associated with this form of practice is Bodhidharma, who brought the essential teachings of the Buddha to China in the 5th century. He is often depicted sitting in the cave where he spent nine years, deep in samadhi.


This is the second batch we have made of these special pills. They have been reformulated and are significantly more potent. In general, the formula is designed to bring forth a meditative state of open awareness in which the sense faculties are detached from their normal objects and the mind able to relax into its natural state. For a seasoned practitioner with an open mind, they can help to introduce the state of natural awareness, free of conceptual focus.

Samten Rilbu 2.0 are made according to an ancient Tibetan Tantric recipe, and the base ingredients are fortified with a variety of sacred substances, including relics, ringsel and herbs from blessed places in India, Nepal and Tibet. This new batch (hence the ‘2.0’) have additional ingredients not present before.

The pills should be used to enhance meditative practice. Take one, or part of one, before meditation, and relax into the nature of your own awareness. As they are quite powerful and can create a very wakeful state of mind, it is best not to use them at night but early in the morning. However, let your own wisdom be your guide, as with all things.

Note: One pill per order.


Here’s what one of our clients has to say about this formula:

Hello Joseph,

I just wanted to tell you that the samten rilbu are amazing! They really support the practice of abiding in the natural state. Another excellent product from future alchemy. I want to thank you for making such substances available for practitioners, I am very grateful for your work since years.