Yedharma Interdependence Stupas



All phenomena arise from a cause,
The Tathāgata has told the cause,
And also what their cessation is:
This is the doctrine of the Great Recluse



Of all the teachings of the Buddha, the most essential is his teaching on the interdependence of all phenomena. First explained in terms of 12 links of dependent arising, this insight was later expanded upon to become the very basis of the Mahayana school’s incredible insight into the emptiness of all phenomena. In its most essential form, this teaching is found as the Om Yedharma mantra seen above. This mantra is said to summarize the entire teaching, and as a result, it contains a special power and blessing.

According to The Sutra of Dependent Arising, a canonical Mahayana Buddhist scripture, to position even a tiny stupa (Buddhist reliquary) containing the famous Yedharma mantra bestows on the one who does so a tremendous amount of merit (positive karma/virtue). This special merit, known as the Merit of Brahma, ensures rebirth in a perfect realm where practice is easy and accomplishment of complete perfect enlightenment (Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi) is assured.

Inspired by such a vast and beautiful declaration, we here at Future Alchemy have had 1080 beautiful small stupas made. Each one is filled with a variety of precious relics, including the Yedharma mantra in several languages and a ringsel (sarira) said to have magically reproduced from an original bone of Shakyamuni Buddha. These relics were sent to us by a devout practitioner in Singapore after they were recovered from an ancient, decayed stupa in Burma as it was being repaired.

The ease with which this incredible amount of positive virtue can be gathered makes doing so worthwhile in the extreme. It is our intent that through the power of this project, sentient beings throughout the world will be liberated.

Information about the full scope of the project can be found on the Yedharma website here . We are requesting that each person who acquires and places one of these stupa take a picture of the stupa and send to us along with the coordinates/location. These will appear on an interactive map of the world, providing inspiration as the project grows.

All funds collected through this project will be used to support various ongoing Dharma projects around the world. These include the filling and placement of our 21 larger stupas in permanent locations around the United States as well as supporting Terton Rinpoche in building a number of very large (15 meters) stupas in Kham, Tibet.

If you wish to obtain a large number of stupas, please write us at to discuss making a tax-deductible donation. Our goal is to place all of the stupas, so please contact us if you wish to have one but find the minimum price too high. We will make it possible for you to receive one no matter what your financial situation.

Thanks to your participation, as of May 2021, more than 825 stupas have been distributed and placed in locations as far flung as Burkina Faso and Antarctica!

Note: As of 6/15/21 we have only about 50 of these stupas remaining. If your organization would like to buy a large number, please let me know so we can order more. Otherwise, we will put the project on hold when the rest of these agave been sent out.

Please send coordinates and pictures when you place your stupas.

Map and information available at