Ali Shan Oolong 2016 Spring


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Ali Shan is a classic Taiwanese oolong, grown in a beautiful natural park scenic area in the central highlands of the country. Ali Shan Oolong  is the very definition of a Gao Shan Cha (High Mountain tea): a light oxidation level of about 10%, just enough roasting to remove the sharp edges and a full-body offering refreshing crisp sweetness.

Our Ali Shan Oolong is grown in Jia Yi county in the Shi Zhou area. The course soil made of layered shale allows the Qin Xin varietal, the base of a good Ali Shan, to thrive. The tea is hand picked at an elevation of about 5000 feet, and wok fired, with Mr. Gao Shensheng personally overseeing each step of the process. He has been involved with the tea business in Taiwan since Ali Shan first began being grown. The use of only natural fertilizer and traditional processing brings forth an excellent high mountain tea which can be steeped many times while maintaining it’s subtle fragrance and flavor.

Vacuum sealed in 75 gram bags. Each bag is $18.50