Ringsel Elixir Pellets


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In the Buddhist tradition, the death of a great master is often marked by the appearance of auspicious signs. These include unusual meteorological events such as circular rainbows, extraordinarily clear blue skies and snowfalls which look like a rain of flowers. Often the body of the master does not exhibit the ordinary appearances associated with death – pallor, rigor mortis and decay – but remains in a special type of meditative absorption known as thugdam, which can last as long as 21 days. During this time it is said that connecting with the awakened mind of the master is easily accomplished, and many disciples report feeling closer to their teacher during this time than they did during the master’s life.

When the true signs of physical death set in, the body is sometimes wrapped in cloth and placed in a large box where course salt is packed around it. This pulls the liquids from the body and  allows the disciples time to perform the complex ritual practices necessary at this time. After approximately seven weeks, the body is cremated in a large stupa-shaped furnace known as a purkong, which is specially made for this purpose, and rituals are performed at the four points of the compass by the master’s disciples and Dharma siblings.

It is said that when the sacred commitment (samaya) between master and disciples is especially intact, and all the ritual observances surrounding the death are carried out successfully, there is a chance that special gem-like relic pills, (known as śarīra in Sanskrit, ringsel in Tibetan and shelize in Chinese) may be found in the ashes. These magical items carry tremendous blessings, and are said to appear as a support for the faith of the disciples.

Having been heavily involved in the practice and study of Vajrayana Buddhism for many years, I have been given a number of these special relics by my teachers and other devoted practitioners. Others I, myself, found in the ashes of my own cremated teachers. To me they form the core of my personal collection of holy items, and inspire me on a daily basis to practice as hard as I can. Due to good fortune and the extreme and wondrous generosity of others, I have collected these relics from Burma, Thailand, Nepal, India and Tibet.

We have long been intrigued by the alchemical gem-extraction methods developed in the Ayurvedic and Siddha traditions of India as well as similar Taoist methods for condensing and capturing the subtle energies of minerals and stones. Perhaps due to the blessings of our teachers, we struck upon what I believe to be a unique method for extracting the subtle but potent enlightened energies of these relics.

In order that others may take part in the blessings associated with these rare and special materials, we at Future Alchemy have developed a process through which the ‘energetic essence’ of the ringsel is extracted and concentrated. This essence is then distributed onto homeopathic pellets, making them easy to transport and use. They can be dissolved in water or alcohol, placed on one’s shrine, in a statue or stupa, or administered directly under the tongue to bring the mind into alignment with the realization these relics represent.

Each vial contains approximately 150 pellets, of which 1 – 4 can be taken at once.

If you are an energetically sensitive spiritual practitioner, the effect is to bring about a sense of clarity and an openness of mind which can be very profound. However, effects will differ with one’s sensitivity and karmic connection. Funds generated from the sale of this product will go directly to Tibet, India and Nepal to assist with Future Alchemy and Siddhi Energetic’s projects there.

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Dear Joseph,

Yesterday I got the Jigme Lingpa statue along with the Ringsel pills and I proceeded to take a couple. Right now, I am on an Ayurvedic cleanse for 10 days in which I take a grass I brought from India and only one meal a day; mainly Kichari. About one hour after I took the pills I was driving home from the office, when I started to taste this sweetness in my mouth. It seemed to be coming from within. This sweet taste continued even after I had dinner and after I brushed my teeth and it is still going till now – the next day. It’s a taste I can’t explain; it seems to be coming from my throat area. I thought I would share this with you. All your products are amazing beyond words, and this one especially. You can really feel the liveliness, the energy, and the blessings behind them. Thank you so much!

By the way, I didn’t take any more of the elixir pellets today, yet the sweetness continues…