Spagyric Tincture of Tongkat Ali



Used for centuries in the traditional medicine systems of south-east Asia for treating lethargy, fatigue, low libido, and depression, TONGKAT ALI (or Malaysian ginseng) is renowned as an aphrodisiac / libido enhancer and ergogenic aid (i.e. that which aids the body’s adaptive response to exercise). It is thought that tongkat ali increases the body’s natural production of the male sex hormone, testosterone. Testosterone affects muscle size and performance, and there is evidence that weight training (or similar vigorous exercise) undertaken in conjunction with the ingestion of tongkat ali can result in increased strength, increased lean body (i.e. muscle) mass, reduced body fat, and improved workout recovery times. Testosterone also impacts upon sexual performance, and tongkat ali has been shown to increase sex drive / libido. There is evidence that tongkat ali contributes to reduced fatigue, heightened energy and mood, and a greater sense of well-being. Tongkat ali has demonstrated anti-malarial effects, and continues to be investigated as a possible cancer fighting agent.

Note: This product cannot ship to Europe or Brazil.

• Increased strength, stamina and muscle mass
• Improved workout recovery times
• Enhanced libido and mood
• Reduced fatigue and lethargy
• Reduced body fat

Packaged in a 30ml amber bottle with glass dropper.


DOSAGE is 5-10 drops under the tongue, or in any suitable liquid, twice daily, although this may vary according to the individual and his / her condition.


SPAGYRIC TINCTURES offer a more energetically complete herb or plant extraction. These concentrated extractions contain the three essentials – that is, the body, soul and spirit – of the herb or plant, purified and recombined in an exalted medicinal form. The spagyric technique is part of the ancient initiatic tradition of alchemy – the Art that lies at the heart of the inner traditions of the West.

Ordinary herbal tinctures only partially utilise the curative powers of the plants from which they are prepared. Spagyric tinctures are made according to unique processes which ‘open’ the plant or herb and liberate stronger curative powers. The spagyric technique of confecting herbal remedies embodies another – more synergistic – way of considering Nature and its powers.



“Since taking tongkat ali daily I can see how my body has changed: I have bigger and leaner muscles, and that’s very important for a fighter going through weight cutting (i.e. to be as lean as possible). I highly recommend this tincture. It also has some aphrodisiac properties that your wife or girlfriend won’t be complaining about.”
– Adrien Rubis (Northern Thailand Champion and Loy Kroh Stadium Champion, fights out of Poptheeratham Muay Thai, Bangkok, Thailand)

“As a martial artist and combat athlete I’m constantly dealing with pain, inflammation and injuries from training and competition – so I’m always on the lookout for any natural advantages I can get to aid in my recovery. It wasn’t until I started using the turmeric spagyric tincture that I noticed a huge difference in my ability to recover from hard training. I honestly didn’t even realise how much inflammation I had until it was gone. Using both the turmeric as well as the spagyric tincture of tongkat ali I have a noticeable advantage in my ability to recover from, as well as push through, hard workouts, day in and day out. ”
– Dylan ‘The Muscle’ Fussell (MMA Pro Team Head Coach, Team Quest Thailand)

“I approached the tincture of tongkat ali with a healthy amount of skepticism. Although I am very much for natural remedies over pharmaceuticals, as a member of the fitness community I am all too well aware of the spurious claims many products make that are often far from scientific.
I researched tongkat ali online and found many anecdotal stories of athletes who have had great success with powder forms enhancing their training. Of course I was aware of the increased efficacy of a spagyric tincture over powdered herbs so decided to give it a go.
I have been measuring my testosterone for some months prior to taking the tincture. As someone who works out regularly and hard I was surprised to find in June 2014 my testosterone levels were 5.49 ng/ml. The normal range for men is around 3-8 ng/ml. I felt that with my diet and exercise it should be at the high end so went about modifying diet and exercise habits to naturally increased testosterone levels. By August I had increased my levels to 6.04 ng/ml – not a bad increase in such a short time. At the beginning of October I started to take 10 drops morning and evening of the tongkat ali tincture. During this period my diet remained good and due to an injury my exercise was reduced. I hoped the tongkat ali would keep my testosterone levels stable while I recovered.
Imagine my surprise when seven weeks after starting the drops I received my results – my testosterone had shot up to 13.16 ng/ml. The lab told me they repeated the test because they couldn’t believe the level.
Now an athlete who is injecting testosterone would expect levels of 15 ng/ml upwards but of course this comes with many potential side effects none of which occur with a natural boost in bodily testosterone.
The best benefits for me have been shredding fat at a crazy rate, increased cardiovascular endurance and elevated mood. You can be sure I’ll be taking this tincture daily for a long time to come. The cost to benefit ratio is just off the charts!”
– Seb Cursley (Bangkok, Thailand)

“As a professional athlete in a combat sport, the benefits of tongkat ali combined with the fact that it is an all natural product made it a very obvious choice for an experiment.
I started noticing some differences immediately, like how my energy levels have soared. Training twice a day and getting up with (or before) the sun has become exponentially easier since I started taking it. Approaching a fight, fatigue is very normal. I find myself less than a week from a fight, for which I had to cut a lot of weight, feeling strong, motivated and hungry to tear apart the gym in training. It was one of the easiest weight cuts I’ve had: 5.5 kg in 7 weeks seemingly fell off my already lean body, and I feel great.
– Melissa Reaume (Hongthong Muay Thai Gym, Chiang Mai, Thailand)

“The tongkat ali spagyric tincture boosted my workout intensity and efficacy. Once I landed on the appropriate dosage and frequency, it became a boon to my overall health / fitness. Thanks Mare Maia!”
– Mike Helm (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

“I’ve done four weeks now of 7-10 drops per day (first thing in the morning) of tongkat ali spagyric tincture. It was about one week after starting that I felt a noticeable strength improvement when working at the gym – I estimated it to be something like a 5-10 per cent boost: about one extra rep on some of the heavy ‘core’ exercises … for example, I managed to up my bench press routine by using 80 kg (rather than 70 kg) for first ‘warm up’ set if 10-12 reps. Never did that before. This surprised me a lot. Occasional bursts and ‘new level’ breakthroughs happen in the gym of course, but it has been 2-3 years since my last one.”
– JK (Bangkok, Thailand)