Tibetan Letter A Money Clip



Using a money clip is one of the simplest ways to instantly change your relationship with money and bring into focus the vision of it as energy or power rather than some kind of ‘necessary evil’. For that is what money is at the most basic level: energy. We often forget this in our mundane lives of bill-paying and ‘saving up’ , but it is easy to refocus and recognize money as a source of empowerment rather than a burden.

My own introduction to this concept came from the entertaining and educational audio book How To Live the James Bond Lifestyle by Paul Kyriazi, which I came across more than 10 years ago. The text is written in a light, witty style, and the version I have is an audio book read by the author, giving it the air of someone sharing personal advice. In it, Kyriazi presents a number of compelling reasons for carrying a money clip:

  • Having cash on hand, which is more and more rare in our increasingly electronic society, makes you feel unexpectedly rich.
  • You always have a backup payment method if your credit card is lost or declined.
  • In a pinch you can add your ID and a credit card to the clip and leave your wallet or purse at home.
  • Money clips are both retro and cool.

The use of money clips may have fallen slightly out of favor in recent decades, but the combination of convenience, accessibility and empowerment they offer make them completely worth bringing back. If you do as the author suggests and add a fresh $100 bill (if in the US) to the outermost layer of your clip, you will be amazed at the feeling of increased power and potential you will experience.

Our unique Tibetan Letter A money clips are more than beautiful, simple, light-weight pieces of equipment. They also represent the best possible design for a money clip, and can be instantly adjusted to accommodate any number of bills. Combining the auspicious spiritual power of the Tibetan letter A (pronounced “Ahhhh”) with amazing functionality, immediate empowerment and real practical benefits, these money clips are an essential addition to your personal wardrobe.


A few tips to get the most out of your money clip:

  • Carry it everywhere, preferably in a pocket if you are a woman, not in your purse or bag. You have to make a habit out of doing this. A money clip left at home has little value, and the first time you forget your wallet but have your clip, you will be converted for life.
  • Put the largest bill you can on the outside, preferably $100, and make sure it is crisp and fresh. Cycle in a new bill when the one you have gets beat up. This has an unexpectedly empowering effect on your mind every time you see it.
  • Don’t keep one dollar bills in your money clip. These should be cycled out of your wallet, purse and clip at the end of each day and stored up for deposit into your bank account.
  • Pay with cash. Paying with cash is becoming more and more rare, but feels very good. Also, when you pay with cash you are using ‘real money’ and not a plastic card. You can feel the difference.