Laser Super Focus Formula


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The alchemy of daily living in the 21st century requires everything we have: if one doesn’t meet the day with a positive attitude supported by absolute focus and clarity, time slips by and a sense of drudgery and disappointment can set in. Most people deal with the need to be at their best through using increasing amounts of the world’s favorite beverage: coffee. While coffee can be incredibly helpful, the amounts of caffeine and other alkaloids in coffee make it a substance of abuse, not use, for most adults. Because the primary active ingredient in coffee – caffeine – is absorbed in the stomach and digestive system, it’s effects take time to be noticed, and it is very easy to over do it, accidentally turning yourself into a jittery, wired, spastic mess. The negative side effects of caffeine are also enhanced by drinking it, as a fairly large amount is necessary in order to notice it. Laser Super Focus Formula offers a much more precise and targeted way to bring you to your best.

Laser is a powerful way to instantly increase your focus, clarity and drive. The use of an advanced combination of neuro-enhancers, nutraceuticals, and memory-enhancing smart compounds combined in an easy to use, cutting edge delivery system make Laser a true formula of the future. Designed to deliver exactly the right amount of the mixture through the mucous membrane beneath the tongue, Laser enables you to get the most out of your day by staying fully focused without being wired, jazzed, or jittery. The effect is a clean, clear mind and the energy to get done what you need to do today.

Available in both drops and a sublingual spray, Laser allows you to enhance focus and drive whenever you need it. While the spray is meant to be used directly under the tongue, the drops can also be added to any beverage for an increased effect and more gradual onset of effects.



A derivative of vitamin B1, Sulbutiamine can improve memory and is well known as a treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. Many athletes feel it improves performance and speeds recovery. Taken orally, a relatively large amount of this compound is required for positive effects, but when absorbed directly into the bloodstream as in Laser, it’s effects can be felt with extremely low doses.


The world’s most popular stimulant, people around the world drink huge amounts of caffeine daily. However, so much is destroyed in the digestion process that large amounts are required for a solid effect. This is not the case when caffeine is combined with the amino acid L-theanine and administered under the tongue. Taken in this way, a small amount of caffeine can greatly improve focus and mood, while skilfully avoiding the common jitters, sour stomach and “caffeine crash” which comes when too much is drunk.


A natural, non-essential amino acid, L-theanine was discovered in the early 20th century to be a primary component of green tea. When taken with caffeine, the “sharp edge” of a caffeine buzz is removed, and a smooth, more relaxed type of concentration is available. L-theanine also assists in processing caffeine more effectively, and can ward off sleep issues some people experience after drinking tea and coffee.


This nootropic, more than 1000 times more powerful than more common racetam compounds,  it was developed in Russia. GVS-111 offers many benefits, and has been shown in studies to improve memory, deepen learning capacity, heighten focus, and amplify concentration. When combined with caffeine and L-theanine, it’s effects are increased, and it can help bring about a focused, cheerful state of mind.


For many people, a single drop or spray placed under the tongue is enough to enhance concentration and positively effect mood. Although completely nontoxic and remarkably well tolerated by most people, we strongly recommend you do not take more than 4 sprays/drops at once, and not more than twice each day. The most efficient way to use Laser is to take it two or three times per week, not every day. Any stimulating substance, when taken too often, loses its special magic after some time and can easily become a crutch rather than an enhancement. With Laser, less is truly more, and through its regular, but not constant use, it is possible to bring about a general increase in mental acuteness at all times, even when not using the formula. This type of mental retraining is at the very heart of an alchemical lifestyle.