Two Immortal’s White Stone

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Over a period of years two dedicated alchemists operating in Hungary came up with a process through which they can produce an alchemical powder of great power. Referred to as the White Stone, this material, when taken regularly for a number of months, according to the Alchemists, can support rejuvenation, longevity, and the development of spiritual insight and psychic powers.

This is how they describe the Stone:

“The White Stone rejuvenates your body and gives you the power to recreate yourself. It magnifies your inner guidance and lights the way through the process of transformation. It grounds you deeply in Harmony and gradually takes you to the stage of enlightenment. It keeps knocking the dominos of resistance down until you have shed each and every layer of your ego skin, until you become open as the limitless being of love that you truly are in every moment – but presently fail to recognise. Your radiance will be of beauty itself and you will effortlessly expressing the obvious openness of being at all times.”

In our experience here at Future Alchemy, the Stone can indeed support rejuvenation, and it does seem to make one feel focused and energetic.

We are offering 500mg samples of the material for $28. If you are interested in undertaking the Alchemist’s transformation process and wish to secure a larger amount of the Stone to take continuously, please contact us at to discuss prices for the amount required.

2 reviews for Two Immortal’s White Stone

  1. Selma (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful product which I am using before my yoga and meditation seasons with my son. It helped me stage by stage to find my true path and see the peace and love within me. I feel that it clears and opens my mind to feel the love of all beings.
    Thank you.

  2. Alp

    The white stone is more of a salty tasting powder than a chunk. It is a powder of a very helpful nature for those who are striving to uphold the precepts, also in following the compassionate path. The powder seems to combine very well with shijalit and might contribute to the lasting effects derived. The white powder definitely increases in effects when consumed regularly combined with yoga and meditation practice (on an empty stomach). The powder is of a very advantageous nature and most possibly even increase ones sense of compassion. There is no doubt that doses of ~2mg consumed regularly leads to a more diligent and harmonious cultivation of superior practices.

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