Guru Dewa Chenpo Rilbu



The practice of Guru Dewa Chen was revealed as a Terma (Dharma treasure) by the great treasure revealer Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa (great grandfather of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche) and is found within the New Treasures of Chokling, or Chokling Tersar.

According to Guru Padmasambahva himself, the practice of Guru Dewa Chenpo helps to “Dispel all temporary mental suffering, wild thoughts, agitation and dullness, blankness, and energetic blockages of the channels and winds. Through this practice, one’s body and mind will become blissful, and the channels, winds, and essences will flourish. One will gather enjoyments and riches, have a large retinue, auspicious circumstances, be healthy and enjoy a long life. One will attain the primordial wisdom of ultimate great bliss and become perfectly enlightened in the lotus net of Akanishta.”

This practice was composed by Guru Padmasambhava to eliminate all obstacles for practitioners on the path to enlightenment. Hidden in the 8th century, it was revealed in the Nangchen area of Kham, in Eastern Tibet, in the 19th century.

These pills were made here in Colorado of many sacred ingredients and blessed in a ritual manner through more than a million recitations of the mantra associated with the practice of Guru Dewachen. The rilbu may be kept on one’s shrine, worn around the neck, used to bless statues or stupas, extracted in alcohol. The process of “ingesting blessings” in this way can bring about a reduction of one’s negative karmic patterns, deeper meditation states, increased insight and should help to remove the obstacles to a long, healthy and prosperous life.


Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche had this to say about the Barchey Kunsel Terma, of which this practice forms a part:

This teaching was established in writing as the splendor of unending welfare and happiness for the disciples in the Land of Snow, and propagated to flourish everywhere. This pure and perfect teaching, which effortlessly bestows, in accordance with one’s wishes, the all-encompassing supreme and common siddhis, temporarily and ultimately, was an unprecedented diffusion of the gemstones of the profound meaning, like opening up for the treasury of the universal monarch.


Note: Each packet contains three (3) pills.