Burmese Gold Ash Powder from Dr. U Shein

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According to well-known Burmese alchemist Dr. U Shein, the production of this alchemical gold ash in Yangon, Burma, is a long and arduous process. The finished product, is a true alchemical remedy. According to Dr. U Shein and thousands of his patients worldwide, this magical elixir can strengthen and preserve physical and psychic health, improve well-being and harmony, and help to reverse the mental and physical effects of aging.

The recipe, originally given to him directly by the Devas (spiritual beings), takes more than two years to complete, and ends with the production of a unique and amazing formula.

Taken regularly, Dr. U Shein states that this gold ash powder will strengthen the entire body and especially the immune system as well as increase the flow of vital energy (qi/prana/chi). The four elementary energies: the water energy, the air energy, the earth energy, and the energy of fire are increased, leading to better health, stronger digestion, and greater vigor. Harmful energies and toxins in the body will be expelled through the intestinal system.

Unwanted side effects and overdosing are not possible; the formula is comparable in this area with the use of homeopathic medicines. This gold ash powder has the power to readjust an imbalance of the elementary energies in the body, can relax and rejuvenate an exhausted nervous system and is capable of dissolving cholesterol clots in the veins and arteries. Over time it can also heal diseases of the lungs, liver, heart, kidney, digestive system and urinary organs.

These effects and many others are testified to by literally thousands of patients from all over the world. At Dr U Shein’s clinic in Yangon there are hundreds of pictures of both native Myanmar patients as well as those from around the world.

See this video for much more information about the Gold Ash Powder and how it is made

This gold ash can be taken in two ways. A packet of the powder can be added to a 1 or 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water and drunk one time per day over the course of 10 days. A more effective, and therefore economical, method is to add one packet of gold ash powder to 250 ml of honey. It is necessary to blend the ash into the honey very thoroughly. Toward this end it may be beneficial to add a small amount of hot water to the honey to allow easier mixing. Once completely mixed, take approximately 1/2 teaspoon straight or in hot water each day. Each bottle contains 850mg gold ash powder.


Here is a write up from a user of our Gold Ash Powder:

“I chose to use the honey method, using unpasteurized raw honey only.

I always consume the Gold Ash Honey with a single intent in mind, and I have found that while so far physically the honey has not seemed to completely clear up one or two physical annoyances that I have, it has exhibited some other rather interesting energetic and spiritual properties.

I have found that the Gold Ash in the honey has helped to “program” the honey with a certain vibration, an energetic current that has been encoded into the honey as it crystallizes. As I have said, I keep it upon a sacred altar of mine and aided by the Gold Ash content it has harmonized itself very well to the altar energies.

Further more, when I consume the honey imbued with the altar energies which incidentally are the same energies I use for that single intent I hold in mind every time I consume it, I have found that it really helps my body to harmonize even more fluidly with those of the altar and hold that vibration throughout the day. I have noticed an increased magnetizing effect upon my daily experiences which helps bring forth more of those same energies in daily occurrences and events and the way those events play out as well as are personally experienced and perceived.

Almost as if the state in which I live is slowly aligning on a permanent level to those which are felt in heavy prayer work.

Keep in mind, that one must be open to this and willing to pursue it, as intent is a key factor in creating and experiencing the reality we choose to exist in, but I can say with certainty that the items I purchase from You make a great difference and are very worthwhile from a spiritual and psychic standpoint.

On a side note, as I mentioned before when I actually break a honey crystal that has formed while being upon the altar, it’s almost like an electric shock, that moves outward through my body in a wave or a ripple, and tends to bring a slight bluish pink flash behind the eyes that moves downwards towards my heart.”

– Jeff R (Oregon)

6 reviews for Burmese Gold Ash Powder from Dr. U Shein

  1. josh (verified owner)

    This is opening my heart. And I only took it for 4 days so far 🙂

    • Owner

      That is excellent to hear! Please keep in touch!

  2. davis

    OK I am a alchemist my self I know little in this world of alchemy can u give me this recipe plz

  3. amanda (verified owner)

    Not sure about its effect on my meditation practice but I can say with certainly, this is the only thing that seem to alleviate the pain I’ve been suffering for years in my upper back – having had a lung illness/injury in the past. God knows I’ve tried hundreds of other alternative means. Thank you for keeping them in stock.

    • Owner

      Thank you for this information. May you be completely pain free!

  4. Selma (verified owner)

    Great product.
    It gives us energy and vitality . We are also using it to get rid of toxins and unwanted side effects of the modern life. It helps digestion greatly.

  5. Alp

    this is some very blissful medicine. The gold ash mixed in with carob syrup, makes the carob syrup taste even deeper and more savory. The effects on the other hand help with calmness, reaching a more tough free state (where one can act purely), increased energy and a positive outlook. The substance is very enjoyable to consume and helpful on many occasions. As an offering to visitors, along with nuts the enhanced syrup seems to please every time. The medicine also can enhance meditative practices. This is a very beneficial substance.

  6. Maddie

    What amount of ash powder is this? How do you take it and how often?
    How long will one order last?

    • Owner

      Hi Maddie,

      Sorry for the delay. We just returned from Tibet, where we had no access to the internet. There is about 1 gram of gold ash in each package. The doctor recommends that yoou take it one time per day (one bottle will last between 30 and 60 days depending on how much you take) for general vitality but 2 or 3 times per day to treat serious health conditions. it is best to try one jar and see how you respond before stocking up. It is very powerful but not everyone responds the same way.


    • Owner

      I forgot to say that you can add it to water and shake it up, drinking the water throughout the day, or take the powder straight on or under the tongue. In Burma most people seem to take it with water. Another way is to add the whole amount to a small jar of honey and mix it well. Take a spoonful of honey each day straight or in tea/water. This works only if you like honey of course.

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