Navapashanam Beads



Future Alchemy is extremely pleased and honored to offer these exceedingly rare, alchemical talisman. Welcome to the world of Navapashanam beads.

The Sanskrit word Nava means both ‘new’ and also ‘nine’, while the word pashana means ‘mineral’ and also ‘poison’. An amalgam containing the nine kinds of medicinal minerals is blended together in a secret Tantric process – almost forgotten today – and the resultant material forms an extremely hard stone-like substance.

It is traditionally held that beads of this kind were first prepared by Bhogar Siddha, a great Tantric siddha, almost 5000 years ago. A Siddha is a person who has achieved a level of spiritual perfection and the power to control the physical world.

During the amalgamation process, the poisonous nature of these substances is transmuted into a powerful new form with medicinal, curative, and spiritual properties.

The nine medicinal minerals used in the process are: Veeram, Pooram, Rasam, Jathilingam, Kandagam, Gauri Pasanam, Vellai Pasanam, Mridharsingh and Silasat. While the exact composition of these ingredients is kept secret, it is known that some of them contain, or are made from, “detoxified mercury”, which is held to be the highest form of alchemical substance according to the Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Chinese schools.

Following traditional Siddha Medicine practices, these compounds, while poisonous in their ordinary form, become powerful medicines when transmuted through alchemical Tantric practice.

Mercury is very important in Siddha medicine, in part due to its ability to penetrate deep into the body. It is used as a catalytic agent in many medicines, and can bring out deep, positive change in a swift manner. When mercury is combined with sulphur, its fluidity is controlled, and it becomes insoluble.

Siddha Medicine traditionally recognizes five forms of mercury. (1) mercury metal-rasam (2) red sulphide of mercury-lingam (3) mercury chloride- veeram (4) mercury subchloride (pooram) and (5) red oxide of mercury-rasa chenduram. Ordinary rasa chenduram (red oxide of mercury) is a poison but when it is processed as Poorna chandrodayam according to Siddha practice, it becomes an ambrosia. Research is currently being done in India on this type of transformation.

The ancient alchemical methods used in preparing the Navapashanam beads have a history of over five thousand years.

Besides simply wearing the bead, one can gain swift access to the energy it contains by soaking the bead in warm water or milk for a few minutes, then withdrawing the bead and drinking the liquid. While the liquid does not change color, it takes on a beautiful, mystical fragrance.

The liquid thus prepared (after interacting with the Navapashanam bead) is said to heal and aid the following kinds of conditions:

1. Skin diseases 2. Lung infections 3. All types of cancer 4. Increase muscle mass, joint mobility, exercise and sports performance, and oxygen levels in the blood 5. Control digestive problems 6. Cleanse the kidneys, intestines and liver 7. Protect the body from free radical cell damage 8. Destroy all types of viral infection 9. Deepen one’s spiritual connection, enhance meditation practice, and give access to a thought-free state

IMPORTANT NOTICE Future Alchemy is providing these extremely rare and magical beads as talisman and blessing substances ONLY. One’s decision to wear the bead next to the skin and/or soak the bead in liquid and drink it is entirely personal – THE OWNERS OF FUTURE ALCHEMY NEITHER RECOMMEND NOR ADVISE THIS PRACTICE. While we are extremely pleased to offer such an amazing alchemical substance, WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EFFECTS, POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE, THAT COME FROM ITS USE.


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