White Manjushri Rilbu



In the Vajrayana the practice of White Manjushri is associated with the production of wisdom in all its aspects: increasing insight, memory, the ability to debate and write poetry, as well as teaching, practicing and understanding the Dharma.

The particular practice used to produce and bless these pills was written by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, based on an earlier lineage of Pandita Mati.

The pills were made here in Colorado of many sacred ingredients and blessed in a ritual manner through the full number of recitations of the mantra associated with this practice, which was bestowed by HE Rabjam Rinpoche in 2023. The rilbu may be kept on one’s shrine, worn around the neck, used to bless statues or stupas, or extracted in alcohol. The process of “ingesting blessings” in this way can bring about a reduction of one’s negative karmic patterns, deeper meditation states, increased insight and should help to remove the obstacles to a long, healthy and insightful life.


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Note: Each packet contains three (5) pills.