Homeopathic Mantra Water – Vajrakilaya (Obstacle Removal)



Homeopathic Mantra Water is the first product we are aware of which combines the power of structured water, sacred substances, mantra recitation and the homeopathic principals of energy medicine into one formula. All forms of Hinduism and Buddhism recognize the power of mantra – sacred utterances which are held to contain or transmit subtle spiritual power – and this power is directly harnessed in HMW.

In this formula we have started with magnetically-structured pure water, to which we have added an extract of blessed, sacred substances associated with whichever of the deities/powers is the focus of the formula (i.e. Magnetizing Activity). The resulting extract is blessed with thousands (in some cases hundreds of thousands or even millions) of sacred mantras from the Tibetan tradition, perfomed according to the Nyingma tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism. This mixture is then put through a process of homeopathic strengthening and concentration in order to make it as potent and energetically available as possible. Once this is complete and the formula is bottled each unit is consecrated in a traditional Buddhist way to “seal in the blessings”, as the tradition says.

Using these mantra waters is simple: just put a few drops into a glass of water, focus your mind on what you want to achieve, and drink. The energetic imprint of the mantras and substances is activated by your own concentration and prayers and will help to bring about the changes you are seeking. These may include a deeper sense of the interconnectedness of all beings and occurrences, a more profound feeling of Bodhicitta (the mind of enlightenment), more complete energy and focus to accomplish benefit for oneself and others and a greater feeling of love and care toward everyone and everything. Of course, the effects can be greatly enhanced by your own meditation, prayer, yogic and spiritual practice.


This particular Water is made through the practice of the obstacle-removing deity Vajrakilaya, who is a wrathful male Yidam , or personal meditation deity, of Vajrayana Buddhism. Considered the most important meditation deity of the Nyingma school, Vajrakilaya is an important part of all lineages of Indian and Tibetan Vajrayana. Special Vajrakilaya-related substances have been used, including mendrup made here in Colorado by Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche.

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Note: Each bottle contains 30mL or approximately 600 drops.