Rishi Star Water


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Each year, during the 8th lunar month of the Tibetan calendar, a special astrological conjunction occurs. Referred to as the Rishi Stars, this arrangement can be used to produce a healing elixir which is highly prized by Tibetan and Ayurvedic doctors. These stars were active from September 9th through the 15th this year  and we were able to ‘capture’ the essence of this subtle influence by setting out a large jug of pure water to be exposed to their influence.

According to Tibetan and Indian physicians, the subtle essence of these stars can be absorbed by pure water and becomes a potent elixir if prepared in a certain way. Towards this end, the water we collected was purified, boiled to condense its healing qualities and blessed with the recitation of many mantras, including the famous Vajra Armor mantra. In addition, we ran this elixir through a similar process to that which empowers the Amrita Meditation water found here.

To use, put a few drops into a glass of water or other beverage and drink while making aspirations and prayers. Taken in the morning, energy and clarity can be enhanced, while using it before bed can bring about increased clarity and a more vivid and meaningful dreamlife.

Each bottle contains 30ml, approximately 600 drops. Refrigerate to keep fresh.


The Rishi Stars:
1. Dubhe The Bear
2. Merak
3. Phecda
4. Tania Borealis
5. Megrez
6. Alioth
7. Mizar
8. Alula Borealis


What people are saying:

This rishi star water is truly a powerful substance. I made aspirations to receive teachings from a specific Lama in my dreams, while taking a small sip of this, before bed. Those aspirations all came true that very night.

– D.A. in Seattle