Tsewang Dzinpa Long Life Pills



The practice of Tsewang Dzinpa, a wrathful form of Padmasambhava related to Dorje Drakpo, is very important in the Drikung Kagyu school of Tibet. H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has this to say:

Tsewang Dzinpa is a long-life practice and a practice that brings under control. What does ‘bringing under control’ mean? All external appearances are transformed into emptiness; they lack any concrete existence. For example, if your thoughts are brought under control, then whatever afflictive emotion arises will naturally disintegrate and transform into (the syllable) Hum. If your thoughts are not brought under control, and you get angry, you will fight with others.”

This practice was revealed as a Terma (Tibetan for “hidden treasure”) by the Drikung Kagyu Terton (“Treasure Revealer”) Rinchen Phuntsok in the 16th century. When the great master Padmasambhava came to Tibet in the 8th century, he concealed this practice as a gift for future generations. In general, Terma consist of texts containing meditative instructions, statues and practice supports, as well as herbal substances to enhance meditation practice, heal illness, and purify the subtle body. Tsewang Dzinpa has been a main meditation practice of many of the Drikung Kagyu masters since that time, including Garchen Rinpoche himself.

Garchen Rinpoche has bestowed the empowerment for this amazing practice only a few times, due to its profound nature and deep meaning. When he offered it during the Covid panbdemic in 2020, we here at Future Alchemy vowed to do the practice and to make blessed pills which would condense the blessings of the practice so that many not able to practice this profound teaching would be able to receive them.

In a relative way, the practice can help one to overcome all obstacles to meditation practice and achieve a long and healthy life. Ultimately, this practice brings about enlightenment through the process of merging one’s mind with the Guru of primordial wisdom. These pills are made from hundreds of sacred ingredients gathered from all over the Himalayan world. In particular, blessed substances from Garchen Rinpoche and other Kagyu lineage holders were combined. The pills were made in a ritual manner and blessed through the practice of Tsewang Dzinpa, including the recitation of more than three million mantras. They may be kept on one’s shrine, worn around the neck, extracted in alcohol or eaten. The process of “ingesting blessings” in this way can bring about a lightening of one’s negative karmic patterns, deeper meditation states, increased insight and should help remove the obstacles to a long, healthy, prosperous life.

It should also be said that H.E. Garchen Rinpoche is one of the most amazing beings alive on our planet today. A fully realized master – an actual living Buddha – his incredible love,  compassion and deep realization are obvious to all – even in pictures. He regularly gives teachings, which are broadcast worldwide and open to all. We strongly recommend everyone to seek out his teachings. You can find more information about him on this website: https://garchen.net/

All proceeds collected through the sale of these pills will go toward supporting Rinpoche and his many projects.

Note: Each order contains one pill.