Lifelike Statue of the Vidyadhara Shri Singha



Lifelike statue of the Vidyadhara Shri Singha

(Skt. Śrī Siṃha; Tib. ཤྲཱི་སིང་ཧ་, ཤྲཱི་སིངྷ་, དཔལ་གྱི་སེང་གེ་)

One of the most important early masters of the Dzogchen (Great Perfection) lineage, Shri Singha likely hailed from the Dunhuang area of what is now China. He was the direct student of Manjushrimitra and the teacher of not only Padmasambhava but also Vairocana, Vimalamitra and Jnanasutra. This master is well known for arranging the teachings of the Pith Instruction Class (mengak dé) of Dzogchen into four cycles: the outer, inner, secret and innermost secret unsurpassed cycle. His final testament, which he conferred upon Jñanasutra just as he was passing into the rainbow body, is called the Seven Nails, a copy of which is enshrined each statue.

Very rarely depicted in statue form (we could not find a single example on the market right now), this master nevertheless holds a key position in the lineage of Dzogchen, and is directly responsible for transmitting these unique teachings to the lineage holders who brought them to Tibet – and thus enabled them to continue to be taught and practiced in our world to this day.



When Padmasambhava requested teachings, Shri Singha replied as follows:

“Excellent, noble son! I have an instruction that is the pinnacle of all teachings, the innermost of all views. It transcends all the vehicles, is the heart essence of all dakinis, the subject of extreme secrecy more secret than ordinary secrets. It is the great vehicle of the Luminous Vajra Essence, beyond thinking, devoid of conceptual mind, and out­side the domain of dualistic cognition. It does not lie within the confines of what is and what is not, and transcends the ranges of view and meditation, development and completion. It is the mother of all the victorious ones of the three times, the short path of all the great Vidyadharas, the ultimate and unexcelled instruction through which one can attain the enlightenment of the Buddhas within three years. I shall teach it to you!”


Before shipping, these statue will be filled with a text of the final instructions of Shri Singha himself, which has continued to be taught to each generation of Dzogchen practitioners for more than a thousand years. In addition, each statue contains a selection of ringsel (relics) and blessed substances collected by me from around the Buddhist world. Thus, they will be ready for immediate placement on a shrine or altar, where they can be an object of devotion for generations to come.

The statue is approximately 6.5 inches high and 4 inches wide and made of a high quality resin.

As the statues are filled and blessed, they should not be put on the floor or a seat, but in a place of respect.

Like our other holy objects, all funds raised through the sale of these images will go to help Denver Dzogchen (Chönyi Ling) to spread the teachings of the Vajrayana; to continue to bring teachers from Bhutan, Tibet, India and Nepal to teach in the West; to build and place stupas; to support practitioners in meditation retreat (primarily in Tibet and Kham); and especially to help spread the lineage of the enlightened intent as widely as possible.


What people are saying:

“The great Mahasiddha Shri Singha is truly the grandfather of Tibetan Buddhism. He was the teacher of Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra and Vairotsana. And yet, he is so oft neglected in our devotion through representation. Future Alchemy has done us a great service in bringing this great master to life, in exquisite detail. Now we can make offerings to and therefore recieve great blessings from Shri Singha, as his beautifujl form graces our altars.

– Damien Abel

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