Alchemy in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan is mostly based in the esoteric form of Buddhism known as Vajrayana, or the ‘Indestructible Vehicle’. This form of Buddhism offers some of the most efficient and powerful means for attaining enlightenment in a single life, and includes the use of special alchemical elixirs for speeding one along the path. Many of the lineages of Tibetan alchemy come from the two most famous Buddhist alchemists of ancient India, the Mahasiddhas Nagarjuna and his student, Aryadeva.

The mahasiddha tradition flowed into Tibet beginning in the eighth century with the arrival of the great Indian master Padmasambhava. Later teachings from the Taoist tradition of China and aspects of traditional Greek and Persian medicine were added to this Indian base, and the canon of Tibetan Medicine was formed.

Future Alchemy is honored to offer several formulas, both herbal and alchemical, which represent the living tradition of Tibet’s alchemical heritage.

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